Possible Game Concept

Hey everyone, I thought I’d write a short post on something that crossed my mind last night. I’ve wondered about taking these coming weeks off and make a short story driven game. Its premise would be based on the issue of creating art even if no one may notice. Perhaps what sparked this was some vivid dreams and also wondering whether spending time to write blog posts and do weekly streams is even worth the time (or even just making a larger game in general!).

Of course this begs the real question, when I create art and there isn’t anyone who will look at it, why should I even let this affect me? After all, if I write blog posts or stream to 0 viewers, surely there at least must be a joy that I get from doing these things, even if no one is watching.

I feel it would be nice to just put this out there since I try to only work on my main project. I’ll mess around a bit with the story of this idea and see if it really can be made in a short time span. I haven’t fully committed to it yet, so it’s possible it would get abandoned for the sake of getting the main game done.

But if it was worked on…

…It would MOST DEFINITELY be a 2000 hour Open World RPG with 500+ sidequests.



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