Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Reflecto Ball

Itsa me, Brandon. Let’s continue on with the next old game maker Apprentice game I had made.

Reflecto Ball

Destroy the spheres, the blocks are simply just obstacles.

Unlike the typical Breakout formula, Instead of being obsessive and committing genocide to every single block on the map, you just have to destroy the glowing spheres to win.

Something to note is that when I was following the tutorials of Game Maker’s Apprentice, I really wanted to feel some ownership with the games that were made. Obviously the base code and functions are based on the tutorial’s instructions, but I still wanted to create my own art assets, levels, music and sound effects. If you’re wanting your make own art assets instead of the tutorial ones and you are using different dimensions you’ll have to pay close attention to things like positions of origin points (the center point of a sprite) or why they have collisions occur at certain part of an object. If you want to be faster about it, just stick to the same sprite dimensions that the tutorial is using.

Download (windows exe)

Mouse – move paddle

S – save game?

It does not contain viruses, it was made in Game Maker 8.1.

There are 5 levels total, I can’t imagine adding any more to this ReAlLy ExCiTiNg and HyPe game

Unused Music Files

I spent some time looking through all my music files and found these ones that were going to go into this game. They were made in 2013. I suppose you can just…loop these while you’re playing?


Long ago in a universe far far away…

A space vessel contained the last remnant of humanity. While Humanity in and of itself is still alive and safe, much of its past historical data has been lost. You are one of the workers of the science crew that are trying to restore the historical data. A genius scientist found that the only way to motivate his workers to help restore the data was to have them play Breakout Reflecto Ball, a machine designed to streamline the process of historical restoration. But as you perform these tasks, political events and other groups within the space vessel have other plans to intrude with the restoration process. CAN ANYONE BE TRUSTED ON THE SPACE VESSEL????…











Short Post

This will be pretty short, just letting you guys know that Project Ato is still being worked on, just am currently busy getting the demo together, here’s a secret video showing the sound being implemented. View at your own discretion…

Also I finally finished doing the highlight for the 2nd Chess Ocarina of Time Randomizer video:


Project Ato News, Plans and other fun videos.

Hi everyone, this is Brandon.

I just want to let people know what is currently on my mind for these next coming months in terms of game development.

If you don’t know, I have been quietly working on a new game called “Ato”. It’s an atmospheric, sword duel focused platforming game.

Ato In-game Screenshots

The story is told purely through visuals without dialogue

Ato’s gameplay combat is focused purely into duels against a variety of opponents.

What is next?

My current plan is to launch an Indiegogo for it, the goal will be small compared to when I tried to kickstart Nameless. I’m in the middle of putting a demo, video and other assets for the page. Once the crowdfund attempt launches, I will likely be trying to contact several people and work on the game along side that. Whether or not the crowdfunding attempt succeeds/fails, my goal is to finish this game sometime this year, as I don’t really see this project as something that was intended to be super ambitious in the first place. That being said, I still will give it my all to polish the game as best as I can. I hope you guys look forward to this project.

In other news…

Global Game Jam 2019 Behind the Scenes

If you remember Day of the Dad. I finally got around to making a video of some recordings I did at Cincinnati Global Game Jam 2019. Take a look and enjoy some fun behind-the-scenes clips on its development.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer

Also, if you like Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I did a highlight video of VideoChess‘ and GigiDigi’s stream of them playing this modified version of the game.

It’s still the same game, the only difference is that the treasure chest items and major pickups have their items randomized. Meaning you could get surprised with a rupee from grabbing a heart container, or a Gold skulltula from a chest, etc. Take a look below to have a good time.


Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Blocks

Sup gangsters, Brandon here. It has been a while since I did an old game maker game post, so here we are.

Block Game

Before Tetris, there was Block Game. In Block Game you move Purple Guy (Who has an uncanny resemblance to Doom Guy) and try to get to the red button. The boxes will try to crush you but you can manipulate them so they stack up like a staircase to reach higher areas. Be aware too that the blocks that fall from the sky are made of different materials, meaning different crushing properties to other blocks! Unfortunately the game kind of can’t be beaten cause I was too young to be a real boy. Oh well.

Download (windows exe)

Left/Right – Move

F1 – “Help”

F5 – Quick Save

F6 – Quick Load

F10 – Pause

Again there are no viruses, it was made in Game Maker 8.1.


Long ago there were many spherical creatures like Purple Guy. But then one day disaster struck and one spherical being decided they had enough with being spherical, so they searched far and wide for the power inside and found the dark box (much like normal box but slower and does more damage). With the Dark Box they casted a spell that nearly wiped out all of the spherical beings, turning them all into inanimate blocks. Soon after the Spherical One being was disappointed that it didn’t destroy Purple Guy, So now he’s on a rampage trying to murder you. But the catch, if you reach the end, you will save sphere kind, but it turns out that there is also box kind as well. Saving sphere kind would result in destroying all of box kind. Prepare to cry edition.








Crystal Conduit Speedruns??

This will be a pretty short post, but I thought I might as well show this off. I did a stream a week ago where I did a speed-run of Crystal Conduit. The archive can be seen below, of course it is quite long, so if you want to jump ahead to any interesting parts, I put a comment below the video to jump to the actual run and other interesting behind the scenes work. (Link to video)

There are several tricks that can be used such as:

Jumping – Being in the air is faster.

Zipping – if you’re positioned in just the right spot when on a slope and you press the opposite movement direction, you will be warped across the room until you collide with a solid block, this can be seen at the beginning of the run. It’s quite difficult to consistently do.

Super Throw – This is probably the most mysterious and inconsistent glitch of them all, when you throw the crystal, it won’t slow down in midair and as a result fly much further than usual. If there was a way to do this consistently, you could end the level even faster when throwing the crystal into the pedestal.

Of course, being a game jam game it has it’s bugs, I’ll list them out here:

  • Pressing down and throw at the same time will crash
  • Avoid throwing the crystal when there’s a ceiling above you. if you are able to reach the stuck crystal you can still retrieve it.
  • Don’t touch the dumpster while holding the crystal or it will crash, just throw the crystal in.
  • Not a bug but if you get soft-locked (where you literally can’t win) you can press Enter to restart the room to cut your losses (or fall into a bottomless pit).

That being said, Speedrunning 1.0 of Crystal Conduit is pretty fun, below is the video which jumps to the actual run. Other parts of the video contain some extras such as unused content and music.

Also I do streams on Wednesdays 6pm CT. Generally just playing games and whatnot.









Possible Game Concept

Hey everyone, I thought I’d write a short post on something that crossed my mind last night. I’ve wondered about taking these coming weeks off and make a short story driven game. Its premise would be based on the issue of creating art even if no one may notice. Perhaps what sparked this was some vivid dreams and also wondering whether spending time to write blog posts and do weekly streams is even worth the time (or even just making a larger game in general!).

Of course this begs the real question, when I create art and there isn’t anyone who will look at it, why should I even let this affect me? After all, if I write blog posts or stream to 0 viewers, surely there at least must be a joy that I get from doing these things, even if no one is watching.

I feel it would be nice to just put this out there since I try to only work on my main project. I’ll mess around a bit with the story of this idea and see if it really can be made in a short time span. I haven’t fully committed to it yet, so it’s possible it would get abandoned for the sake of getting the main game done.

But if it was worked on…

…It would MOST DEFINITELY be a 2000 hour Open World RPG with 500+ sidequests.



Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Space Game

Howdy gang, today I’ll just briefly talk about the next game I made with the Game Maker’s Apprentice and what YOU can learn from it.

But before I do so, I thought I’d share a very short teaser for my next solo game, it’s still in the works but felt it would be worth showing, there will be more previews and news on it in the future. For now I call it, Ato.

A peaceful world, yet the cost to preserve its harmony is troubling.

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So now let’s continue to the topic at hand.

Space Game

Space game? Could it be that he solo created HALO?!?!?

Yes, this game IS Halo 8, I was contracted by Bungee and Microsoft to make this one, took a long time but it was worth the wait.

The second game I made with the Game Maker’s Apprentice

It kind of looks like Rocket Launch doesn’t it? Consider it…the distant prequel that was unintentionally a prequel to it. This is a much simpler game, where you first point you ship and then launch yourself until you land onto a moon, land on all the moons to win. Avoid the asteroids and maybe find a secret.

With this being my second game. GMA (Game Maker’s Apprentice) taught me the ways of the force, having objects spawn in a random spot, having different controls and teaching the very concept of level design.

This here is to just show you guys that I didn’t start out making the Taj Mahal from the get go. It’s a process that takes time and experience to get better at this sort of thing. I hope that by seeing this game that you’ll be a bit inspired to try something new.

Download (windows exe)


Left and Right – Aim/Maneuver

Space – launch

Esc – Quit