Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Space Game

Howdy gang, today I’ll just briefly talk about the next game I made with the Game Maker’s Apprentice and what YOU can learn from it.

But before I do so, I thought I’d share a very short teaser for my next solo game, it’s still in the works but felt it would be worth showing, there will be more previews and news on it in the future. For now I call it, Ato.

A peaceful world, yet the cost to preserve its harmony is troubling.

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So now let’s continue to the topic at hand.

Space Game

Space game? Could it be that he solo created HALO?!?!?

Yes, this game IS Halo 8, I was contracted by Bungee and Microsoft to make this one, took a long time but it was worth the wait.

The second game I made with the Game Maker’s Apprentice

It kind of looks like Rocket Launch doesn’t it? Consider it…the distant prequel that was unintentionally a prequel to it. This is a much simpler game, where you first point you ship and then launch yourself until you land onto a moon, land on all the moons to win. Avoid the asteroids and maybe find a secret.

With this being my second game. GMA (Game Maker’s Apprentice) taught me the ways of the force, having objects spawn in a random spot, having different controls and teaching the very concept of level design.

This here is to just show you guys that I didn’t start out making the Taj Mahal from the get go. It’s a process that takes time and experience to get better at this sort of thing. I hope that by seeing this game that you’ll be a bit inspired to try something new.

Download (windows exe)


Left and Right – Aim/Maneuver

Space – launch

Esc – Quit



Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Dragon Game

Hey guys, I thought I’d do a quick post on an old game I made years ago when I first started making games with Game Maker.

Dragon Game

One of the games I made with Game Maker’s Apprentice.

Dragon game was the first game in the game maker’s apprentice book. When I worked on this game and followed the tutorial, I didn’t have the book’s CD to pull art assets from. As a result I had to make my sprites from scratch. Obviously this art was super roughed and not made to look like the Taj Mahal.

Actually, it really does look like it, I take everything I said back.

Actually, it really does look like it, I take everything I said back.

Collect your own baby dragons to get points but don’t kill them. You can’t actually win in this game, it’s like life, you can’t actually win. If the evil orange things hit you you lose and you’re sent straight to hell.

The background I think is from a level in Chex Quest, and the music MIDI is also from Chex Quest. The Art is by me and the Game Maker program is by Game Maker.

Anyways, enjoy playing this old awful game I made. There are no viruses, it was made in Game Maker 8.1.

Download (windows exe)

Arrow keys – move

D – shoot

Esc – Quit

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