Nameless Project

A new game is being worked on, it’s a top down shooter where you play as a felon that is captured by the police, but instead of being thrown into jail you’re given a second change to redeem yourself by doing their bidding. You can use lethal and non-lethal weaponry to clear out enemies in each level, and depending on which one you choose people will have varying opinions about you.

I have uploaded a video showing the progress the game has made (primarily for myself to help gauge progress). 300 hours in and the game is coming along very nicely and a lot of the designs seem to be melding together well.

Watch the video here:

In terms of a demo or play-test I prefer to keep it private currently as I still am trying to work at my full-time job and chip away at this game when I realistically can.

There are a lot of features that I do not go over but the video should still give a bit of an inside look into the project’s current status.