Ato Celebration Stream Success!

Hi everyone, just want to quickly drop by that the celebration stream went well. I went ahead and uploaded the Archive to youtube.

I made this video jump to probably the most interesting part of the stream which was the developer vs stream moment. Viewers were able to type into the Stream chat and it would affect things in game.

Otherwise if you go to the video page itself, I put some time stamps to jump to the different sections of the stream such as the pixel art animation, old game versions and so on.

As for the game itself, yes I’m still working at it and yes there is new content that has been made, I’ll do a post on that by the end of the month.


2 Player Action Tank Shooter!!!

Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Tanks (2P)

Hi guys, just a quick reminder that tomorrow this saturday August 10th at 3PM (CT) I will be doing a celebration livestream for Ato, it will be fairly short, so come join and hang out if you can!

Stream Link:


Hey gang, Bobert here. This is the next episode of OGMAG…

Continuing on I’ll show off another old tutorial game from Game Maker’s Apprentice.

TANKS (2P Edition)

2 Player Action Tank Shooter!!!

2 Player Action Tank Shooter

Download (windows exe)

Tanks features 2 Player split screen gameplay, where two humans would duke it out locally featuring different guns and stuff.

Game Maker’s Apprentice would teach me about the quirky Game Maker 8.1’s view system. Basically, view’s are like the “camera” and you adjust how much space you want it to look at. Once you figured out your view, you would then have to use the view’s Port to properly display that “footage” onto the screen. By manipulating both, you can have split screen gameplay, as well as a really ugly really awesome mini-map.

(So basically, view 1 is following player 1, view 2 is following player 2, and view 3 covers the entire room.

Then you just have view 1 ported to the left, view 2 to the right, and view 3 shrunk into the bottom center of the window)

It’s funny that GMA would teach me about a tank shooter, especially since years ago before this was made I had tried to make a much older predecessor to this one.

Yeah, the older tanks game (which I unfortunately do not have the files of)

I might as well leave this old tune my brother made for the older tanks game.

Game features

2 Player Local Ranked Competitive Action Metroidvania Battleroyale MOBA Roguelike darksouls Indievania Hero Team Skill Based Arena Gameplay

4 Unique Power-ups (Shield, Missile, Bounce Shot and Repair)

2 Players

2 Tanks

3 Screens

1 Winner

Player 1 (green tank)

WASD – move

F – Shoot

C – Item

Player 2 (crimson tank)

Arrow Keys – Move

L – Shoot

K – Item

Esc – exit game

Download (windows exe)

It does not contain viruses, it was made in Game Maker 8.1. (WAS made, could’ve been make now with better HD unreal 2k19 software with 500+ employees but nope, I was too stupid to be retarted and used what was available at the time)






Ato Indiegogo Successfully funded!

(This is the same post as the one on Indiegogo)
Hi everyone, thank you so much for supporting the project. Ato’s Indiegogo has been successfully funded.

To celebrate, on August 10th saturday at 3PM (CT) I will be doing a celebration livestream, it will be fairly short, so come join and hang out if you can!

Stream Link:

The Livestream will contain:

-Developer playthrough and commentary of Ato Game Demo

-Quick showcase of some new features added to the game.

-Minor showcasing of workflow, some pixel art and effects.

-Live Q & A throughout stream!

I’m sorry if I haven’t been super active in posting information regarding news or doing marketing on the game itself, but here’s a rundown of the things I got done since I last posted an update on Indiegogo:

Here’s a more comprehensive list of things I got done:
-1 area completed
-2 cutscenes added
-minor ability added in
-30 rooms added
-2 bosses coded in with their own attacks and effects
-Clash propery added to attacks
-Modified chain dash system, increase of cooldown when chained.
-PS4 Controller functionality
-Lots of other tweaks and adjustments
-Bug fixes galore

Music Sample of an encounter…

Clashing Mechanics – Happens when Melee attacks hit eachother, they will cancel the attack hitboxes and knock the attackers away from eachother.

I can even make some attacks be more deadly where they will still go through the clash…

As much as I want to get the game done this year, I just want to forewarn that, again it’s possible that the game could get delayed (since it’s just made by me). But I still want to try and get to beta and have the game be tested, tweaked and bug fixed!

That should conclude this update, thank you again for supporting this project and I hope to see you drop by for the livestream!