Ato Indiegogo is Launched!

Hi everyone, just want to drop by that Ato’s Indiegogo has been ACTIVATED!

Here’s just a quick bit of info regarding the campaign:

Ato is a game set in the era of feudal Japan with a beautiful atmosphere, visually driven story and combat that is focused on unique and memorable sword fights. Every duel has its own characteristic and personality.

The funding is used to publish the game onto steam and to pay for marketing costs.

The game is around 50% done.

Be immersed in a world of beauty and mystery

Be immersed in a world of beauty and mystery

Even if you don't have money to spare, you can still support the game by telling your friends and playing the PC demo!

Even if you don’t have money to spare, you can still support the game by telling your friends and playing the PC demo!

Following, sharing and liking Ato’s Twitter and Facebook posts helps!

And if you have a windows PC playing the free demo and giving your feedback at my Discord helps too!

…Also VideoChess did a stream of Ocarina of Time Randomizer…I’ll have to get to that sometime, please excuse the delays.


Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Epic Escape

“Sup Xiaolin Losers”

Today I’ll be going over another old gem I made years ago when I followed the Game Maker’s Apprentice book.


Control the yellow boy(s) as you encounter unique obstacles and puzzles. Each room has a unique layout and engages you with its own unique style and personality.

Escape the dank dungeon. 420 blaze it.

Escape the dank dungeon. 420 blaze it.

In Epic Escape, your goal is to stay stuck in the prison and never leave. You are supposed to wallow in your own self pity, forever doubting your own capabilities as you scroll through social media and see people who appear to live a happier and better life than you.

…Also there’s this person who does exactly what you do but they’re younger than you, more skilled and more successful than you.

IN SPITE OF THAT, you are given the emotionally heart wrenching choice to either escape the prison of doubt or stay stuck in the prison, never experiencing further pain, disappointment and sorrow, but also never uncovering greater truths about yourself.

(this is all based on a true story)

(alright I made this really freaking awkward and cringey)


It’s a fun puzzle game that has some amazing songs not made by me. I won’t even tell you what songs are because keeping it a secret will add to the deep lore that will make me more popular-… (loses several subscribers)…


Download (windows exe)

IMPORTANT: You will have to hit escape when you run it the first time and THEN click START.

Arrow Keys – Move

S – save game?

R / K – reset

It does not contain viruses, it was made in Game Maker 8.1.

There are 16 levels and an emotional cutscene at the end.






Ato DEMO and pondering on an old series…

Hi guys this is Brandon. The Playable PC demo for Ato is now available,

Feel free to give it a try and let me know what you think! It should take around 10-20 mins to play through. It also supports Controllers as well.


I have also put up a it’s own section on tinywarriorgames here

Pondering on an old video series: Game Showcase

I was glancing through some of my old youtube videos and saw the Game Showcase series…

So I’ve been thinking, what if I returned to doing these? But what if I instead did them a bit differently and try to make them shorter and funnier. My point being that my ability to commentate has changed since then and I’d be interested to trying to do these again vs doing a stream.

There were thoughts of also doing the recording while streaming and trying to contain it as best as possible, or just accumulating highlights. Of course, this is all just me putting ideas out there. I do feel I can improve on it nowadays compared to how I did commentary back then.

Let me know what you think.







Ato Game Progress News and Links

Hey guys, Brandon here. Just letting you guys know that Ato’s DEMO is coming along nicely, it’s still taking time as there are still bugs that keep popping up and slowing down progress. But all in all the demo is pretty well contained and supports controller/keyboards. Work has been invested into optimization work so that the game will *hopefully* run decently on less powerful computers. Of course it would be best to play the game on a computer with decent hardware.

I also had to spend several weeks on the audio code so that it was flexible enough for me to implement sound panning and better music fading. Which of course involved fixing plenty of bugs.

The demo will be pretty limited in terms of options, but you can certainly count on the final game having a wide selection of configuration options when that eventually is done.

I haven’t touched the IndieGogo page lately as I’ve been pretty busy with the demo. But once the demo is in a somewhat stable state, I’ll be trying to get a video going and make some adjustments to the Indiegogo page when I get around to it.

For those who don’t know, I have setup an @AtoVideoGame Account, so you can follow that for more Ato game related news and screenshots.

Ato Game Twitter

Ato Game Facebook (Give it a like!)

Thank you for reading,