Crystal Conduit for Global Game Jam 2018

Hi all, it’s Brandon, just wanted to announce that a programmer (Kevin) and I sacrificed our weekends to partake in the Global Game Jam 2018 (48 hours to make a video game). We had to work with the theme of “Transmission” so after googling and looking up synonyms for ideas, Kevin brought up the simple idea of transporting an object to a pedestal.

Crystal Conduit for GGJ2018

My teammate Kevin took the lead with conceptualizing, designing and of course coding the game, while I focused more on the art, music, and level design. It definitely had it’s own challenges such as using Github and Source Tree to manage the project and make sure we didn’t “step on each other’s toes” and avoid conflicts with Game Maker. And of course managing time and scope efficiently.


Crystal Conduit gameplay!

Kevin turned out to be an incredibly fast and hard working teammate. We worked quickly to get a prototype going and just keep refining and implementing core ideas. In the end, I found that Kevin worked so hard he was able to implement a huge chunk of assets that I assumed were not going in.

Crystal Conduit Game Page

Crystal Conduit is a 2D platforming game with puzzle elements where you transport a crystal to the pedestal, and you can have it change it’s element by exposing it to special power crystals.

I’ll be honest I have no idea how we managed to pulled it all off but we did it, so…yay?

Thanks for reading,