ato beta gameplay footage

Ato BETA has begun!

Ato Beta is here!

ato beta gameplay footage

Google Drive Download Link (windows PC executable):

Feel free to record your gameplay or stream it and let me know so I can watch! (archives too)

If you run into bugs or want to give feedback you can join the discord:

or email me at:

TinyWarriorDev (at) gmail (dot) com

(…and hopefully the feedback involves bug fixes and balance tweaks instead of complete overhauls for entire sections of the game ^^;;;)

I can’t really guarantee how this game will be received. But I can say that it certainly is playable from start to finish.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.


p.s. Also, Frog Hop and Nameless are now free to play on windows this week, claim them here (and don’t forget to follow me there too!):


The game is running slowly

Try going to settings>Graphics>Grass Performance and setting it to minimal or none.
Otherwise, this game is best played on a PC with a good processor and graphics card.

Is there controller support/rebinding?

Yes, however if you own a controller that does not work, it’s possible that you’ll have to use a third party program to get it to work.

What are the difficulty differences?

Assist – damage you take is drastically reduced, intended for people who barely play games and just want to enjoy the art.
Accessible – damage is partially reduced, you sort of play games. I would describe this as around metroid game difficulty.
Experienced – expect to die several/alot times per boss, you are familiar with hardcore games like Dark souls, Sekiro, Hollow Knight etc.

Can I record/stream this game?

Yes feel free! And let me know so I can watch the stream/video/archive.

What languages are supported?

The localization is only for the menus, currently there is English, Japanese, German, Russian and Norwegian.

If you want to freely help contribute to a translation (you will be added to the credits), you can email me regarding that.

How can I stay tuned?




Old Coding Game Tests – Tunnel of Despair

Hey this is Brandon.


Download (windows)

1 – toggle spawner

left click – move spawner

Tunnel of despair was definitely a test.


























































I was watching a play-through of a game called La Mulana, and there’s a segment in the game where the player is on a platform and the background is continually spawning walls to make it appear as if you’re traveling through a tunnel.

It looked easy to do, so i thought I’d try my hand at it and it’s pretty simple scaling up of a sprite shaped as a frame.

(Oh yeah and Ato beta, probably soon, just need to do some minor feature coding and fix bugs.)


Old Coding Game Tests – Scale up test

oh hai thar, robin walker here.

Scale Up Test

Download (windows)

left click – create rainbow rectangle

right click – create rainbow rectangle(s)

I believe the idea behind Scale up test was essentially me trying to figure out how to make a game where you have a character running towards the background and you’d jump over gaps and collect stuff.

Of course, what I probably should have hired someone and paid them six figures worth of salary and put myself in debt so that it could have happened. But instead I vouched to mess around a bit with this myself.

The effect itself is super basic, it definitely has an amiga demo-scene vibe to it.

Ideally if I were to attempt that idea of a game, I probably would have looked into a feature called D3D for fake 3d, or figured out a way to draw “quads” based off a z-axis of sorts (they’re sort of like freely shapeable rectangles). I haven’t really dabbled much in either to be honest, perhaps one day, one day when I learn to become a real boy I will create these effects.

(oh and the Ato beta is very very close, super close to being ready, just gimme a little longer folks)



Old Coding Game Tests – Ring Test

Hi, this is Brandon.

Ring Test

Download (windows)

Press Any Button – create ring

Now I know what you’re thinking…What an amazing game, why isn’t it on steam, origin and epic games store? Because it was too controversial and artistic to be considered a gaben.

Ring Test was essentially me talking to my brother about visual effects for a concert and so I quickly stitched this test together in an hour. The idea of using any key was that if he can send inputs from his instruments to the computer, then surely the input could be read in a program that checks for an any key input. It was not used for the concert because there never was one, it was a lie. It was also too controversial and fell apart due to harsh subjective opinions due to people’s nostalgia.

The ring effects are very basic, I actually use this effect a lot in my games because it’s so efficient and easy to program in. All you really do is take your x_scale/y_scale variables and continually add to them each frame, while also reducing the alpha/opacity of the sprite. Then when the alpha reaches 0, just destroy the object.

As for the origin of this effect, I discovered that I could do this very late in Frog Hop’s development, so you only really see it occur during the angler boss in frog hop.

The blue shockwave, the white pulse from lighting and the yellow attack warning show case this effect.

It was only after Frog Hop that I learned to utilize this A LOT in Nameless, for things like explosions, gunfire, hit effects.

The fade out effect happens a lot faster here in 3-4 frames.

I think I use this effect in the target kills in Ato.

I follow similar principles as Nameless, though in Ato I don’t use this nearly as much and mostly rely on particle effects. It happens extremely fast when the targets are destroyed.

So that’s all I got, hope you enjoyed.