Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Epic Escape

“Sup Xiaolin Losers”

Today I’ll be going over another old gem I made years ago when I followed the Game Maker’s Apprentice book.


Control the yellow boy(s) as you encounter unique obstacles and puzzles. Each room has a unique layout and engages you with its own unique style and personality.

Escape the dank dungeon. 420 blaze it.

Escape the dank dungeon. 420 blaze it.

In Epic Escape, your goal is to stay stuck in the prison and never leave. You are supposed to wallow in your own self pity, forever doubting your own capabilities as you scroll through social media and see people who appear to live a happier and better life than you.

…Also there’s this person who does exactly what you do but they’re younger than you, more skilled and more successful than you.

IN SPITE OF THAT, you are given the emotionally heart wrenching choice to either escape the prison of doubt or stay stuck in the prison, never experiencing further pain, disappointment and sorrow, but also never uncovering greater truths about yourself.

(this is all based on a true story)

(alright I made this really freaking awkward and cringey)


It’s a fun puzzle game that has some amazing songs not made by me. I won’t even tell you what songs are because keeping it a secret will add to the deep lore that will make me more popular-… (loses several subscribers)…


Download (windows exe)

IMPORTANT: You will have to hit escape when you run it the first time and THEN click START.

Arrow Keys – Move

S – save game?

R / K – reset

It does not contain viruses, it was made in Game Maker 8.1.

There are 16 levels and an emotional cutscene at the end.







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