Game Jam Games / Misc.

I’ve gone ahead and packed a lot of my smaller projects into this section, here you will find various small games made for game jams or just for my own enjoyment.

Star Flight


Fly through rings and blow up stars in space.

This was an interesting experiment using game maker and faking 3D.

Play Length: 5-10 minutes

Download (windows)



Things are not as they seem…

Escape the evil satanic demon zoo.

A Cute Platformer where you escape the zoo as a kangaroo!

Collect powerups and upgrade yourself!

The zoo keepers are satanists.

Don’t let this game deceive you……hehehe……


Play Length: 15-30 minutes

Game Download PC

Game Trailer


Game Jolt Page Page


Day of the Dad

No Pants Dad has been overrun by hungry children and dogs. Fend off the invasion by cooking and feeding the kids. Survive for as long as you can until there are too many recipes to do. Experience fun pixel art and catchy music. CAN YOU SURVIVE UNTIL MORE THAN 7 ORDERS APPEAR???

Play Length: 2-5 minutes

Download it here (bottom of page)



Crystal Conduit



Puzzle Platforming, created for the Global Game Jam 2018, with the theme “Transmission”. Another Collaboration project with Kevin Annen, he conceptualized and design the main idea and I helped create the art, music and some levels for the game.

Press ENTER to restart a room if you are stuck.

Play Length: 5-10 minutes

Download (Windows)

Global Game Jam Page




Bumpy Birdy


Guide the bird with a silly control scheme.

Bumpy Birdy was an interesting experiment to develop. The game itself went through several prototype variants, mainly to try and explore the flappy bird concept and see what other sort of peripheral control styles could be done. I enjoyed doing the pixel art and I think my favorite aspect of this game is the background art since it was a new and interesting challenge for me.

Play Length: 2-5 minutes

Download (windows)


Laser Panic


Create Deflector blocks and shoot your laser at it, survive!

This game was made within 48 hours for the GM 48 competition. It was challenging making this game within the time frame.

The game won 3rd place.

Play Length: 5-10 minutes

Download (windows)

GM 48 Page

Box Clicker


My take on the “idle game” genre. Click on the green squares to make money, upgrade yourself and buy goodies.

Play Length: 30-60 minutes

Download (windows)

Fidget Spinner Simulator

Engage yourself with memorable gameplay.

Experience deep and personal story telling.

Immerse yourself in an emotional soundtrack.

A simulation that expands the senses.

Fidget Spinner Simulator.

Play Length: Endless

Game Download PC


Game Jolt Page Page

Lemon Basket


Collect lemons while avoiding bombs. Classic arcade survival goodness.

Lemon Basket was a test game with vector sprites.

Play Length: 2-5 minutes

Download (windows)

Ball Dodger X


Avoid the black dots for as long as possible.

Ball Dodger X was a fun experimental “on the spot” game I thought up. I even have a video of it which you can check out below. Made in less than 3 hours.

Play Length: 1-5 minutes

Download (windows)

Behind the Scenes

Track Me


Follow the cool ball dude.

Play Length: 1-5 minutes

Download (windows)

Square Dodger X


Guide the Square and dodge for as long as you can.

A quick game I made, just for practicing game development. Made in less than 2 hours.

Play Length: 1-5 minutes

Download (windows)