Old Coding Game Tests – Project Q

Hello this is Brandon, creator of Half-Life Alex

Project Q (AKA apparently this was made in 2015, before Persona 5 was a thing)


Download (windows)

Left click – create circle

Right click – trip out

“Project Q” was me trying to make some kind of tunnel escape kind of game. I think I took influence from a game called S.T.U.N. Runner and though about making something like it? (And probably some other atari arcade game that I can’t quite recall off the top of my head)

Image result for arcade tunnel race game

My thought was to spawn circles continually so that it creates the illusion of moving through a tunnel. The result however was something slightly less expected but still interesting. Probably to create the tunnel effect I’d have to mess with the scale rate a bit more to get it to better create the illusion.

I’m not sure why I didn’t continue messing with it, I’m pretty sure this was during the development of Frog Hop and some other small projects (like Bumpy Birdy?) So I think I just was already overwhelmed and decided to just leave it be.

The code is super simple, the circle object (which uses the draw_circle command) that is spawned just has a size value that increases and when the value exceeds a certain limit, the circle object destroys itself and also sends a command to have the background color match the circle object.

Easy. Done. Ready to Ship for 80 Dollars Collectors Edition. DLC not included.