Crystal Conduit Speedruns??

This will be a pretty short post, but I thought I might as well show this off. I did a stream a week ago where I did a speed-run of Crystal Conduit. The archive can be seen below, of course it is quite long, so if you want to jump ahead to any interesting parts, I put a comment below the video to jump to the actual run and other interesting behind the scenes work. (Link to video)

There are several tricks that can be used such as:

Jumping – Being in the air is faster.

Zipping – if you’re positioned in just the right spot when on a slope and you press the opposite movement direction, you will be warped across the room until you collide with a solid block, this can be seen at the beginning of the run. It’s quite difficult to consistently do.

Super Throw – This is probably the most mysterious and inconsistent glitch of them all, when you throw the crystal, it won’t slow down in midair and as a result fly much further than usual. If there was a way to do this consistently, you could end the level even faster when throwing the crystal into the pedestal.

Of course, being a game jam game it has it’s bugs, I’ll list them out here:

  • Pressing down and throw at the same time will crash
  • Avoid throwing the crystal when there’s a ceiling above you. if you are able to reach the stuck crystal you can still retrieve it.
  • Don’t touch the dumpster while holding the crystal or it will crash, just throw the crystal in.
  • Not a bug but if you get soft-locked (where you literally can’t win) you can press Enter to restart the room to cut your losses (or fall into a bottomless pit).

That being said, Speedrunning 1.0 of Crystal Conduit is pretty fun, below is the video which jumps to the actual run. Other parts of the video contain some extras such as unused content and music.

Also I do streams on Wednesdays 6pm CT. Generally just playing games and whatnot.








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