Old Game Maker’s Apprentice Games – Reflecto Ball

Itsa me, Brandon. Let’s continue on with the next old game maker Apprentice game I had made.

Reflecto Ball

Destroy the spheres, the blocks are simply just obstacles.

Unlike the typical Breakout formula, Instead of being obsessive and committing genocide to every single block on the map, you just have to destroy the glowing spheres to win.

Something to note is that when I was following the tutorials of Game Maker’s Apprentice, I really wanted to feel some ownership with the games that were made. Obviously the base code and functions are based on the tutorial’s instructions, but I still wanted to create my own art assets, levels, music and sound effects. If you’re wanting your make own art assets instead of the tutorial ones and you are using different dimensions you’ll have to pay close attention to things like positions of origin points (the center point of a sprite) or why they have collisions occur at certain part of an object. If you want to be faster about it, just stick to the same sprite dimensions that the tutorial is using.

Download (windows exe)

Mouse – move paddle

S – save game?

It does not contain viruses, it was made in Game Maker 8.1.

There are 5 levels total, I can’t imagine adding any more to this ReAlLy ExCiTiNg and HyPe game

Unused Music Files

I spent some time looking through all my music files and found these ones that were going to go into this game. They were made in 2013. I suppose you can just…loop these while you’re playing?


Long ago in a universe far far away…

A space vessel contained the last remnant of humanity. While Humanity in and of itself is still alive and safe, much of its past historical data has been lost. You are one of the workers of the science crew that are trying to restore the historical data. A genius scientist found that the only way to motivate his workers to help restore the data was to have them play Breakout Reflecto Ball, a machine designed to streamline the process of historical restoration. But as you perform these tasks, political events and other groups within the space vessel have other plans to intrude with the restoration process. CAN ANYONE BE TRUSTED ON THE SPACE VESSEL????…











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