Ato Progress Report February 2019

HI all, Brandon here, Ato is pretty close to reaching beta, I just have to play-through the game myself several times just to get rid of any major bugs.

The music is all pretty much exported and coded in, same with the sound effects. It was…tedious to code 250+ sound effects and 50+ music tracks.

There’s a minor feature I wanted to share called “runes” where you can only equip one. Each one has a special effect, which can affect an aspect of your playstyle.

The menus are pretty much done. I still have to code in the different difficulties (The “Experienced” difficulty is targeted to be the demo difficulty).


I’m hoping on March I’ll be able to update you guys more regarding beta release. Stay tuned!


-menus done
-file system
-music coded in
-sounds coded in (though some are probably still needed)
-rune system fairly functional
-bug fixes


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