Old Coding Game Tests – Ring Test

Hi, this is Brandon.

Ring Test

Download (windows)

Press Any Button – create ring

Now I know what you’re thinking…What an amazing game, why isn’t it on steam, origin and epic games store? Because it was too controversial and artistic to be considered a gaben.

Ring Test was essentially me talking to my brother about visual effects for a concert and so I quickly stitched this test together in an hour. The idea of using any key was that if he can send inputs from his instruments to the computer, then surely the input could be read in a program that checks for an any key input. It was not used for the concert because there never was one, it was a lie. It was also too controversial and fell apart due to harsh subjective opinions due to people’s nostalgia.

The ring effects are very basic, I actually use this effect a lot in my games because it’s so efficient and easy to program in. All you really do is take your x_scale/y_scale variables and continually add to them each frame, while also reducing the alpha/opacity of the sprite. Then when the alpha reaches 0, just destroy the object.

As for the origin of this effect, I discovered that I could do this very late in Frog Hop’s development, so you only really see it occur during the angler boss in frog hop.

The blue shockwave, the white pulse from lighting and the yellow attack warning show case this effect.

It was only after Frog Hop that I learned to utilize this A LOT in Nameless, for things like explosions, gunfire, hit effects.

The fade out effect happens a lot faster here in 3-4 frames.

I think I use this effect in the target kills in Ato.

I follow similar principles as Nameless, though in Ato I don’t use this nearly as much and mostly rely on particle effects. It happens extremely fast when the targets are destroyed.

So that’s all I got, hope you enjoyed.


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