A world of Beauty and Mystery, A game with emotive animations, colorful environments and sword duels.

this is the latest PC DEMO build of Ato. It should take around 10-20 mins to playthrough. It also supports Controllers as well.


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Ato Game Twitter Page

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IndieDB Page

Ato is a passion project created by a single person. It tells a visually driven story about a father who has given up his past ways in order to live a life of peace with his wife and child. However this peace is soon disturbed as his child is taken from him, leaving him with the goal to get his child back.

Ato is a game that focuses all combative gameplay to sword duels along with minor puzzle solving. Explore areas, find secrets and obtain new powers as you journey though colorful environments. As you play the game, you will experience atmospheric music both relaxing and combative. The visuals of the game combine both emotive animations with beautiful particle effects. When you come across former members of the clan you served, you will be challenged with a variety of opponents both big and small, each with their own personality and fighting style.

Ato, is in the works and plans to have a crowdfund campaign for it soon.

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