A Psychological Top-Down Shooter where you don’t have to kill everyone. Utilize a mix of Action-stealth game play, turn invisible and outsmart your enemies. The story of a Terrorist who is given a second chance to redeem himself.

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Or get the game on ITCH.IO

Get the soundtrack here

Fast paced, Tight and responsive game-play – Taking out enemies feels punchy, satisfying and immediate.
Quirky, charming and outright bizarre dialogue – Interact with in-game characters inspired by Earthbound/Mother Series.
Dynamic and Bumping soundtrack – A huge soundtrack with unique music changes as you play.
Pretty Pixel art – A game created with a deliberate and distinct pixel art animation style.
Free-form Stealth-Action – Go in guns blazing, turn invisible and take out your enemies strategically or utilize a mix of both.
A mysterious story – Uncover the truth of this terrorist attack and the motives behind the people you’re hunting down.
Dynamic gun-play – A wide variance of weapons to utilize, almost every single weapon in the game plays differently than the other.

What will you choose? – You decide who lives and who rightfully deserves to die. A shooter that doesn’t just involve killing people…

A video game created by a single person with love.


Press Kit

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