Frog Hop

A cute and quirky classic adventure platformer about a Frog named Hoppy searching for his frog friend Jumpy. Features a large variety of gimmicks, enemies, obstacles. Unique and challenging boss fights. Equip charms to alter your play style.

A Cute and Quirky classic adventure platforming game about a Frog named Hoppy searching for his frog friend Jumpy.

Swing and Launch yourself through levels with your tongue ability.

A Vast Array of gimmicks, enemies and obstacles, there’s always something new you’ll encounter in each level.

Unique and Challenging Boss Fights, each with their own attacks and weaknesses.

Collect Sparkly Gems and Spend them to buy charms that alter your play style, opening up possibilities for replay-ability and strategies to overcome levels.

Bouncy and Catchy tunes, each level has a unique song. Over 50+ Songs!

Dress Yourself Up with a wide range of cosmetics, have ducks follow you around or make goofy sounds when you hit the ground.

For the classic hardcore platforming gamer, enjoyable for speed-runners as well!

Created in a little over 4 years by a single developer.​

It has hats.

Play Length: 2-5 hours

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Frog Hop is a solo project that I worked on for a little over 4 years (started in October 23,  2012)

I developed, shipped and got my game published on steam.

Everything you see, hear and play was all done solo. I learned to program in Game Maker (which is probably my weakest skill), created all art assets and animations, conceptualized and designed all gameplay assets through documentation, produced over ~250 unique sound effects, and created a 50+ music score for the game.

The game was no easy task for me, and there was a lot going on in my life at the time of development, I still am mixed to this day about a lot of things. But I can openly admit that I am happy that I have finished what I started.

If you enjoy Classic platforming games with a degree of challenge, like old-school Mario games. Then you will very likely enjoy this game, please tell others that you know would like it.