Old Coding Game Tests – Scale up test

oh hai thar, robin walker here.

Scale Up Test

Download (windows)

left click – create rainbow rectangle

right click – create rainbow rectangle(s)

I believe the idea behind Scale up test was essentially me trying to figure out how to make a game where you have a character running towards the background and you’d jump over gaps and collect stuff.

Of course, what I probably should have hired someone and paid them six figures worth of salary and put myself in debt so that it could have happened. But instead I vouched to mess around a bit with this myself.

The effect itself is super basic, it definitely has an amiga demo-scene vibe to it.

Ideally if I were to attempt that idea of a game, I probably would have looked into a feature called D3D for fake 3d, or figured out a way to draw “quads” based off a z-axis of sorts (they’re sort of like freely shapeable rectangles). I haven’t really dabbled much in either to be honest, perhaps one day, one day when I learn to become a real boy I will create these effects.

(oh and the Ato beta is very very close, super close to being ready, just gimme a little longer folks)



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